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Sunset Plan Funeral Directors

Introducing Sunset Plan
Sunset Plan provides residents of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties quality burial and cremation services at low-cost, worldwide, through an international network of participating mortuaries.

This nonsectarian  burial and cremation funeral plan was established in the late 1970ís by Robert W. Gregorchuk, founder and CEO, in order to offer members an alternative to high-priced funeral arrangements through advance membership registration. 

Joining Sunset Plan
Sunset Plan provides three levels of membership. 
(1) The Registration Member, (2) The Insured Member and (3) The Travel Protection Member. Each level of membership has been designed to eliminate emotional overspending by the member's family. Every detail is arranged according to your wishes...personal, legal and financial.

The Registration Member Plan options allows members to pay a onetime registration fee of $35 to register for a personal cremation or burial plan and maintain other necessary records and legal documents. Actual cremation or funeral costs are ultimately paid at the time of death by family heirs at the prevailing membership rate.

The Insured Member Plan is a prepayment plan that protects your surviving family members from inflation and guarantees that they will not have to pay one penny more. You can pay once, or spread payments over 3 year, 5 year, or 10 year period.

The Travel Protection Member Plan.  If you are traveling or move to another location the plan provides 24 hour service through an international network of providers. For a small additional fee you can guarantee this service throughout the United States and Canada.

Sunset Plan provides quality low cost cremation and burial that help lessens the strain on love ones.

Email:  info@sunsetplan.com 

Call toll-free 1-800-400-1244

Legal Notice:
Sunset Plan is a licensed funeral director regulated by the State Department of Consumer Affairs Funeral Division and is subject to the Federal trade Commission rules and regulations governing funeral practices in the United States.  California license number FD1527, insurance license number 0672071 with administrative offices located in Ventura, California.



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